Honor and celebrate an older adult who has been important in your life.

Older adults contribute to our communities in multiple ways. Through their volunteer work, they are the backbone of many non-profits; they spend countless hours taking care of grandchildren and providing care for disabled family members. Purpose does not decline with age and many of our elders actively contribute to the greater good.


Many of us have benefited from the loving care, knowledgeable advice or active mentoring provided by an older adult. Please consider making a donation in their name and sharing some of their story with us.


When you make a donation in any amount, you will have the opportunity to tell us about them and upload a photograph. We will post these stories and pictures on our website and Facebook account for others to read and enjoy.


As part of the celebration of her 25 years with SJCS Meals on Wheels, Meghan has asked that our friends and stakeholders consider honoring a beloved older adult who has made a difference in your life.

Give a gift to celebrate an older adult 


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